Magnus Jourdann Mikha'il Wissam Vislander, professionally known as Mathew Adamson or Mathew Graham Adamson is an Engestran-American polymath of vast Tretorian citizenship. Adamson's main occupations include that of a film actor, director, producer, scriptwriter, singer, dancer, musician, choreographer, humanitarian and philanthropist.

Contributions to Eveburn

Adamson was very hesistant even to portray Acca, as he wanted to take a break from work, but was finally convinced to do so by his secretary Sara Menakari. Aside from portraying and helping to develop the character of Acca Marlowe, Adamson also served as a combat choreographer for the characters of Huntress and Bowman, alongside Jimmy Watt and Kyla Ray Goldenberg.

Adamson was also the vocal coach of Grisham O'Shanks, whose song, Lost Heart was written specially and featured in the soundtrack for Eveburn.

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