Evangeline Christiane Ivy Thornton Lorren, professionally known as Angel-Kate Lorren is a British-American film actress, writer, producer and humanitarian of diverse nationality. Lorren holds citizenship to the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Russia and the USA.

Contribution to Eveburn

After revealing her undying love for her favorite supervillain, Angel-Kate Lorren was finally cast as the film's titular character; Eve. Lorren actually went on to surprise director Delvin Gryand, and producers, Kerry White and Grace McKinnley, on how well she knew her character, when she improvised her role for shooting rehearsals, while everyone else was just getting used to their characters. Lorren was also responsible for building up the way Eve would be portrayed in the big screen.

Lorren also helped to lighten the spirits of some of her co-actors, who were going through hard times. Kathryn Templeton, who portrays Alex Macfarlayne, had lost her father Dr. Frederik Newton in December 2014, while Mathew Adamson, who portrays Acca Marlowe, learned in November 2014 that his then only daughter Mercy Gwendolin Adamson, was suffering from a recurrent childhood cancer called neuroblastoma. Lorren said that inbetween shoots she would find both Templeton and Adamson either crying or staring off gloomily at a distance.

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